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Dalesway Print Technology markets screen printing equipment, pad printing equipment and hot foil printing equipment from some of the best manufacturers in their respective industries.

We specialise in printing equipment that offer benefits that competitors' machines do not have and most of our equipment can be upgraded to grow with your requirements, which saves valuable capital expenditure in the long run.


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vastex v2000-66 screen printer

Whether you are purchasing screen printing equipment for a school or college, looking to start your own business printing onto t-shirts, or sourcing machinery to print onto other parts, you will find the range we offer to be comprehensive.

There is something to suit all professional and semi-professional budgets, particularly if you are serious about the growth and success of your business venture rather than looking purely to purchase the cheapest solution.

Our range of silk screen printing equipment offers both manual and semi automatic solutions and these systems will allow you to take on everything from the most basic job to highly complex halftone designs.

GTO two colour semi automatic pad printing system

If you need to print on a product that is not flat or has a complex surface texture, pad printing is the definitive solution.

Think about the surface of a golf ball and you can appreciate how versatile this process really is as it can produce a flawless print in and around every dimple.

While some companies use pad printers to mark industrial components or other parts, purchasing one of these versatile machines can also be an ideal add-on to an existing printing business as it will considerably widen the range of products that can be decorated in-house.

Dalesway offer a range of technologically advanced, semi-automatic tampo printing machines that are manufactured in Europe, and are sold with a 5 year parts warranty for added product confidence.

Kwikprint hot foil printer

Hot foil stamping is a very different process as no inks are used for the process. Instead of ink, a coloured foil is used on the machine. The printing process is therefore totally dry and very convenient with no fumes or drying required.

The effects that can be created with foil can be quite stunning and the unique look of a shiny metallic print is hard to beat on the right product. In addition to shiny finishes such as gold and silver, gloss and matt foils are also available.

There is another process called blind debossing that can be carried out with a Kwikprint, and this has become a popular method to add a more understated look.

We offer your business assistance with the selection of appropriate equipment for the printing of a wide range of products. Our client base is wide and varied, both in the United Kingdom and abroad. We offer the following types of equipment...

For Education: Silk Screen Printing Equipment

The Vastex V100, Vastex V1000 and V2000 silk screen systems and other necessities like screen exposure and screen drying. Ideal set-ups for schools, colleges and universities.

Hot Foil Printing & Debossing Systems

The Kwikprint range of hot foil printing machines

Semi Automatic Pad Printing Systems

The GTO range of one, two, four & five colour semi-automatic machines

Manual Silk Screen Equipment

The Vastex V100, Vastex V1000 and V2000 silk screen systems

Semi Automatic Screen Machines

The GTO Evo cylindrical and flat screen printing system

Infra Red Conveyor Tunnel Dryers

The Vastex D Series, DriBox, EconoRed and Big Red range of modular, upgradeable infra red conveyor tunnel dryers

UV, LED and Metal Halide Exposure Units For Platemaking & Screen Exposure

Pressure pad and vacuum bed uv exposure units for general applications and screen making.

High tech LED, self contained or free standing metal halide light sources for screen making

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