Foilmax Toner Foiling System

Quick and easy foil printing with no origination charges!

Foilmax toner foiling systemTurn out printed paper products in minutes, not hours. Produce jobs when you need them, even at the last minute! There is no requirement for ink, dies, or chemicals and the process is totally clean, quiet, odour-free and safe. With this in mind, Dalesway is proud to introduce the Foilmax toner foiling system.

Using a Foilmax toner foiling system you will be able to add dazzling foil effect colours to any laser printer or photo-copied paper product.

The Foilmax toner foiler is simple to use. Output from a laser printer or toner based photo-copier can easily be transformed into a beautiful foiled image. With the Foilmax toner foiling system, foil transfer is simple, and labour time is greatly reduced by eliminating the feeding of individual sheets of foil. Our unique range of foil comes in roll lengths of 30 metres and may be purchased in various widths. The standard width is 203 mm, but 300mm widths can be supplied as a special order. Foils are available in a range of metallic colours, and special effect diffraction and holographic designs are generally kept as stock items.

The Foilmax toner foiling system has been manufactured specifically for the task of applying foil to toner. It offers superior quality printed products, whilst maintaining ease of use. It is guaranteed to give you the best results every time!

If you need to hot foil print items that cannot be laser printed such as leather, plastic or wooden products, why not consider the Kwikprint range or the Impress digital hot foil printing system.

Use the Foilmax toner foiling system to print onto:

The standard specifications of the Foilmax toner foiling system are as follows:

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