Ink: Screen Printing

Inks for screen printing fall into a variety of categories. For t shirt printing, the most commonly used product is Plastisol. Plastisol inks are very easy to use and offer many benefits to the screen printer. However, there are times when either the client or the printer demands a softer hand feel to the printed garment. In most cases, this forces the printer to consider using water based screen inks. The latter is difficult to use and with only about half of each pot of ink being product, with the other half water, it is not very cost-effective either.

If you are looking for the ease of use of Plastisol inks, but without any of the drawbacks, our Evolution range of PVC-free screen printing ink is just what you need.

The Evolution range of inks from Lancer are so safe, it is fully approved by brands like Nike® for use on their products. Big brands are demanding the use of PVC-free inks for added consumer safety, so why not offer similar benefits to your clients? If you are manufacturing products to reach the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, you will be pleased to know that the Evolution range is fully compliant with this standard of consumer safety as well.