Vastex E100 Entry Level UV Screen Exposure Unit


Vastex E100 entry level UV exposure units offer beginners an efficient entry into the screen printing market. Equipped with vacuum hold down and electronic ballasts for quick starts and steady UV output.



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The entry level E100 range offers the flexibility of a compact, tabletop vacuum bed exposure unit that is capable of high quality screen exposure using traditional fluorescent UV tubes as the light source.

Engineered to a high specification to avoid hotspots, the E100 range can be upgraded to LED in future to benefit from faster exposure times without the need to replace the unit.


  • Stand with wheels
  • Screen drying cabinet


  • E100 Entry level UV screen exposure units brochure


Entry Level UV Screen Exposure Units: Specifications

Maximum screen size53 x 61 cm (OD)53 x 71 cm (OD)58 x 78 cm (OD)
UV output4 x 20W Black light tubes4 x 20W Black light tubes6 x 40W Black light tubes
Image area38 x 36 cm38 x 46 cm40 x 83 cm
Dimension (lid up)83 x 88 x 84 cm83 x 88 x 84 cm106 x 92 x 82 cm
Compression typeVaccumVaccumVaccum
Weight45 kg45 kg82 kg
Warranty3 years *3 years *3 years *

*Excludes the rubber blanket