Vastex EconoRed High Production Electric Infra Red Tunnel Dryer


The EconoRed range offer high production with the entry level EC-II-30 capable of running on single phase power. A compact powerhouse offering many advanced features and an upgrade path should your production requirements increase. 15 year heater warranty.



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If you need a compact, high production dryer for plastisol and water based inks, the EconoRed range offer a high specification in a modest footprint. The dryers feature advanced, focussed exhaust systems to remove moisture and fumes quickly and very accurate digital temperature controllers.

This innovative range is engineered to be shorter and smaller than most competitors with similar output capacity. One model in the range can run on single phase power. You may also want to consider the LittleRed X3-D range if your needs include drying DTG printed textiles and using three phase power is not a barrier.


  • Additional heating chambers to increase production
  • Belt extensions
  • Locking castors
  • Exhaust hood (reduces fumes at exit)
  • Hat support rail



EconoRed High Production Tunnel Dryer Specifications

Heater warranty15 years15 years15 years
Defect warranty3 years3 years3 years
Plastisol shirts/hour (Water based)300+ (100+)600+ (200+)600+ (200+)
Heater wattage7,200 watts14,400 watts14,400 watts
Cost/hour to operate (based on £0.10 / kWh£0.72£1.44£1.44
Belt speed0 – 4.9 m/min0 – 4.9 m/min0 – 4.9 m/min
Belt width76 cm76 cm137 cm
Heater size2 @ 30 x 61 cm4 @ 30 x 61 cm2 @ 30 x 122 cm
Temperature controllerDigitalDigitalDigital
Heater temperature range0 – 482 Celsius0 – 482 Celsius0 – 482 Celsius
Powered exhaust380 cfm760 cfm380 cfm
Chamber length91 cm182 cm91 cm
Chamber infeed width88 cm88 cm149 cm
Tunnel height (in feed)5 – 17 cm5 – 17 cm5 – 17 cm
Overall length x width x height221 x 124 x 135 cm312 x 124 x 135 cm221 x 187 x 135 cm
Electrical connection

Hard wired to mains – single phase

Hard wired to mains – 3 phaseHard wired to mains – 3 phase
Weight293 kg531 kg448 kg

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