Xeros Vacuum Bed Printing Plate Makers


These UV exposure units are ideal for exposing artwork with fine detail onto products such as pad printing plates, hot foil polymer plates, glass engraving stencils and more. Made in the UK.

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Advanced digital controls make these units a cinch to use. The lid is raised and lowered with the assistance of internally fitted gas struts, and a safety cut out device is incorporated to prevent the lights from operating when the lid is raised.

An integral vacuum pump ensures perfect contact between artwork and material to be exposed. Only once full vacuum has been achieved, the exposure cycle starts. A buzzer sounds for three seconds to indicate the end of the exposure. The lid can only be released once a valve releases the vacuum. An exposure complete light will remain on until the lid is lifted, which acts as a safeguard against the possibility of double exposure cycles.


There are four models to choose from depending on the size of exposure area you need. Please refer to the specifications tab for full details.


Xeros Vacuum Bed Printing Plate Makers: Specifications

Xeros 315Xeros 321Xeros 360Xeros 380
Working area33 x 36 cm37 x 60 cm57 x 68 cm52 x 92 cm
UV output6 x 15 watt6 x 20 watt10 x 20 watt12 x 20 watt
Dimensions55 x 48 x 17 cm72 x 58 x 17 cm76 x 73 x 17 cm89 x 103 x 21 cm
Weight17 kg27 kg34 kg60 kg
Timer (digital)999 seconds999 seconds999 seconds999 seconds
Warranty1 year1 year1 year1 year