About Us

Dalesway Print Technology HQ in Lancashire

A product and customer focused company

Dalesway Print Technology was established in 1995 and is a family run business, based in Barnoldswick, Lancashire.

Dalesway provide a diverse range of printing solutions for both promotional and industrial marking applications and point of sale personalisation. From artwork production to consumables and complete start-up packages at different price points, we aim to offer something to suit every need and budget. On this page we aim to explain our business ethos and give you a little peep into our lives and who we are.

The business is owned and run by Andrew and Zuzette Stocking and head of security, Millie. Millie is in charge of security checking all visitors to our premises, so prepare for a good frisking when you come to Barnoldswick! We love the great outdoors and when not at work you may find us on a campsite somewhere or simply enjoying long walks or bike rides in the beautiful countryside.

Our philosophy and presence: It’s not about us, it’s about you!

Dalesway Print Technology currently represents four manufacturers of printing machinery and materials both in the UK and abroad. Central to the business is a philosophy of excellent customer service. You will not find any fast talking or pushy sales people at Dalesway Print Technology. Our commitment to clients is a long term one that is fundamental to each and every sale.

At Dalesway Print Technology we do not supply equipment unless we are confident that it has been manufactured to the high standards that our customers expect. Every machine is precision engineered and designed to help you be successful in relation to product personalisation.

What do you really need?

The most important first step of any transaction is to understand your business needs. This allows us to guide you to the product best suited for your application. With this in mind, we discuss your needs and requirements in detail to ensure that we recommend and supply equipment that is right for your needs. We do not just sell you whatever we have in stock. While that would benefit us, it would rarely benefit you. 

Back in 1995 we were in your shoes and needed reliable printing equipment and supplies for our own small business. We would happily have paid for some advice had we known that our first ever printing machine would nearly drive us mad, and make us seriously consider giving up our dream of having a printing business.

If we could have lifted that mechanical menace, (and it could fit!) it would have gone out of a window for certain! The second machine we bought was even worse… it actually gave scrap metal a bad name. So, after much headache and hassle, it was sent back on a slow boat to Hong Kong!

First hand experience

We made our fair share of mistakes, but we have learned a lot along the way. Our experiences have also taught us how to do our homework. It has led us to some of the hidden gems of printing equipment that have been established for many years, providing excellent customer experiences.

These are the manufacturers we now represent and have close relationships with as we work together to provide our customers with excellent tools to run their businesses, small or large. We have extrapolated this same philosophy in selecting partners for our supplies business and we feel sure that once you have sampled the excellent range of products, you will be delighted with the quality and safety of these products.

Value for Money

Our equipment and supplies are never the cheapest, nor the most expensive, but definitely the best possible value for money. We never bought a machine just because it was made in the UK (and must therefore be good) after that first purchase. We never bought on price again, and especially not from the Far East.

Since 1995 we have forged strong relationships with top notch suppliers, which changed the focus of our business from printing, to selling the equipment we had come to know and love. Our company name now reflects what we specialise in every day – the supply of print technology.

Once we found the right printing equipment it made such a difference to our business! It was actually fun to get up in the morning and think about going to work. Fun and work in the same sentence? Yes you heard right! A good piece of machinery makes all the difference, and that is what we are dedicated to supply to each and every customer!

Not only can you enjoy the “daily grind”, but you have a much better chance of succeeding in business when you buy the right equipment. The top companies in every industry tend to use the best machinery, that is how they become industry leaders.

Impartial advice?

We are in the unique position of being able to offer you the knowledge and expertise we gained over many years in business, plus the know-how from a range of suppliers that have vast experience in screen printing, especially t-shirt printing, pad printing and hot foil printing.

We realise that as suppliers of printing equipment you may be concerned that our advice will be biased, but rest assured that as a small, family owned and run business it is far more important to us that you get the right equipment for your needs.

We think of our customers as friends and would be happy to point out the pros and cons of each system and suggest alternatives for you to consider.

Our mission is to make you successful

At Dalesway Print Technology we are committed to ensuring that our clients are successful. We are able to provide training for our customers and thereafter, unlimited support to the original purchaser of the equipment.

An Invitation

We would like to invite you to visit us at our custom built premises in the lovely town of Barnoldswick, Lancashire. Our showroom is fully equipped to allow you to view the majority of our range in comfort and at the same time, to discuss your requirements in more detail, and our purpose designed training room provides a relaxing atmosphere in which to learn. Come and visit us and you will soon see why our range of equipment is second to none.

A growing client base

Despite our local and national presence, international customers make up a important part of our client base, and it is with pride that Dalesway continues to work with a growing number of international clientele.

Here at Dalesway, our mission is simple – to make you successful – by offering you equipment that is precision engineered for success!

We hope we may be of service to you soon.


Best wishes,

Andrew & Zuzette