Benefits Of Using A Screen Printing RIP | What Is a RIP?

Benefits of using a screen printing RIP | What is a RIP?

What is a RIP? – A (very) Short Story

Before discussing the benefits of using a screen printing RIP, we briefly want to discuss the topic of what a RIP actually is. So by way of illustration….Imagine that you are on holiday in a far-flung beauty spot. Everything is going well and you are having a super time until the worst happens. A mystery ailment strikes and you need a doctor fast. However, when you get to the hospital, you realise that getting your message across will be no small task. The local lingo is not English!! How will you explain what the matter is to get the help you need? The only way out is to get the help of an interpreter. Someone who speaks both languages and is capable of relaying the information accurately to the doctor to ensure that they give you exactly what you need.

Inkjet Printers Need Interpreters Too

benefits of using a screen printing RIPInkjet printers face this same problem. The language of your inkjet printer is completely different to the language spoken by your graphics program. It is essential that they communicate correctly to get the desired output, i.e. high quality film positives. Enter the RIP or Raster Image Processor – special software that translates the foreign language spoken by your graphics program to help your inkjet printer understand what it needs to do. Suddenly the benefits of using a screen printing RIP may be a lot clearer but let’s explore this further.

Inkjet Printer + RIP = Imagesetter Quality Film

Such is the power and benefits of using a screen printing RIP that you can turn a low-cost inkjet printer into something that can produce imagesetter quality film positives, right there in your shop. No waiting around for a bureau to turn around film at great cost, but rather a profit centre in your own business over which you have full control.

Produce Perfect Film Positives Every Time

A high efficiency screen printing shop needs procedures in place to ensure that day to day activities can be carried out in a repeatable and failsafe manner. A software RIP is one failsafe that a professional shop should not be without. In fact, even beginner screen printers that are properly trained will understand the need for, and benefits of using a screen printing RIP to produce film positives.

The Benefits Of Using A Screen Printing RIP

  • A software RIP allows the user to process and print multiple files at the same time, helping with production and efficiency in the pre press area.
  • A screen printing RIP will give you complete control over handling print files including: scaling, rotating, colour correction, dot size and angle, opacity and shape.
  • A RIP can send prints to more than one printer, thereby speeding up the production of film positives.
  • A RIP sends the file to the printer when it has processed all the data, thereby avoiding print buffering as happens with a standard printer driver when large files are processed.
  • A RIP allows multiple files to be printed at the same time helping to maximize the use of the film media. This is called nesting.
  • Some screen printing RIP applications such as FilmMaker can process in-RIP separations from a CMYK PDF file.
  • A RIP allows the use of the separator sub-programs.
  • A RIP allows printing of adjustable dots (halftones).
  • A RIP Makes the D-Max (black) areas much darker.
  • A RIP helps the inkjet printer to produce positives in registration, so you can easily reprint a single colour separation if you have a problem.
  • A RIP produces higher quality film output that ensures trouble-free screens in a shorter time.

RIP Software Available

Once you appreciate the benefits of using a screen printing RIP, you will appreciate that is an essential component of a well-run screen printing shop. Dalesway Print Technology offer the FilmMaker RIP which is a superior product to most competitive options available. UK based telephone support during normal office hours and support for a wide range of printers including the Epson P800 and T-3270 to name just two. The FilmMaker Software RIP can be run on Apple Mac with the help of Parallels, so do not be deterred if you don’t run a PC. Please call us if you need more information or advice.

Free Trial: Prove It To Yourself

We provide a free, fully working trial of the FilmMaker RIP. Simply follow the links above or navigate to SUPPLIES > ARTWORK PREPARATION > FilmMaker. You will find more details and videos on the product page to help you understand exactly how it works and what control it gives the user. To place your order for the free trial, place the trail software in your basket and place the order. Unless you have other items in your basket, you will not be charged.

Questions Or Feedback?

Please contact us if you have specific questions about the benefits of using a screen printing RIP that are not answered here. We would love to help.