Entry Level Screen Printing Machine: Introducing The Vastex V100

Vastex V100 4 Station 4 Colour Tabletop Screen Printing System

Interested in getting started in screen printing on a tight budget?

Are you interested in getting started in screen printing with an entry level screen printing machine? Have you noticed that the equipment either looks extremely low end and downright cheap, or rather expensive with very little in-between? Have you avoided making a decision because you just never found a press that fits your needs at a price you can afford?

Vastex V100 Entry Level Screen Printing Machine

World renowned manufacturer of screen printing equipment and original patent holder of the speed-base carousel, Vastex, has launched a no-frills, entry level screen printing machine that will be the answer to many a newcomers’ prayers. Not only is the new V100 entry level screen printing machine available different configurations and is totally upgradeable from one station one colour up to four station, four colour, the V100 press offers something no other entry level press does – it can hold accurate registration ALL DAY LONG!

Add to this the fact that it offers steel pallets that will never warp, all heads down functionality that is testimony to the precision engineering of the press and the fact that you can purchase additional pallets to print more specialised jobs like sleeves or trouser legs and you will appreciate that this is no ordinary entry level screen printing machine.

No need to sacrifice reliability

Being on a tight budget no longer means you have to buy a nasty little entry level screen printing machine that will cause you sleepless nights and lots of wasted time, t-shirts and consumables as you try to make things work. You do after all want to make a profit from this endeavour! A cheap entry level screen printing machine will never hold registration, so the end result is lots of wasted shirts which cost you money and lots of wasted time as you have to set the press up repeatedly to overcome problems during a print run. Talk to anybody who started in screen printing by buying a cheap press and they will tell you the truth. In a dusty corner of their shop there is most likely still a press so bad, they didn’t have the heart to sell it on. However, many will sell their mistakes on, so that is why you will find so many cheap entry level screen printing machines on auction sites. Do you really want to take over those headaches and mistakes?

Print trouble-free all day long with a Vastex V100

The Vastex V100 entry level screen printing machine will not let you down, no matter how many shirts you have to print in a day, or indeed how complex the design may be. Tightly registered multi-colour designs, four colour process, the Vastex V100 can handle them all and there is no need to waste loads of shirts or time having to continually re-register your press during a print run. Just set the job up once and your are good to go!

Invest in thorough training

Once you have selected your screen printing equipment, the logical next step is to get properly trained by a seasoned professional. Learning from Youtube may seem like a good idea, it is free after all! However, you never have a clear idea of who you are learning from and you could literally waste hours of your valuable time listening to and learning from, someone who knows precious little more than you do.

Douglas Grigar and a student at a recent class

Screen printing classes are the very best investment you can make in your own success after choosing your equipment carefully. Learning from a master screen printer like Douglas Grigar could save you many countless hours, wasted materials, sleepless nights and headaches. We can guarantee that you will know more than screen printers who have been in the business for many years by attending a two or three day screen printing class with Douglas. You can hear that from the people who have already attended a class with Doug by visiting our screen printing classes page and listening to the video testimonials. Some have printed for 3, 7, 9 and even 20 years before coming on the course and without exception they all left grinning from ear to ear and feeling they have a whole new start to ensure business growth and success.