Garment Decoration: Where Is Your Business Heading?

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Are you actively looking for ways to improve your garment decoration business and expand into different areas? Many embroidery companies add screen printing to their offerings at some point as it keeps more customers under one roof. After all, you have worked hard to get that customer, so why send them to the competition for printing work when it is the ideal compliment to your embroidery, DTG or heat transfer business?

Choosing Good Value: Avoid Roadblocks To Success

The biggest problem when entering a new avenue of garment decoration is of course where to start and what equipment to buy. Fear of the unknown often leads to under-investment in equipment and a complete lack of investment in suitable, high quality training.

Instead of buying a tool to promote business growth into a profitable new area, the equipment becomes a roadblock to success. It may seem like good value for money when it is in fact just cheap. Cheap screen printing equipment is not good whichever way you stack it up. Cheap gear still make the sellers a handsome profit, but are unlikely to help your garment decoration business to progress.

Get to know the difference between “cheap” and good value for money, or it will cost you a lot of money in the long run.

The Difference Between" Cheap" & Good Value For Money

Cheap screen printing equipment will be difficult to use with little to no upgrade path, no accessories and no option for good quality training by an industry specialist. This means that your business will be so hampered, it is likely to meet with a slow painful death.

Do you want this to happen after spending a fortune on consumables, late nights on the internet seeking help and unsatisfactory results that could lose you your customers for good. Is cheap equipment really worth it? Does this above scenario sound like a satisfactory way to grow your garment decoration business?

The best businesses own top quality equipment for a reason.

  • Good equipment saves you time.
  • Good equipment saves you money.
  • Good equipment grows with your needs.
  • Good equipment is reliable.
  • Good equipment is well supported.

Does The Screen Printing Machine You Are Looking At Really Hold Registration? Ask Other Users!

Top end screen printing equipment will be quick and easy to set up – expect to have features like micro registration, a wide array of accessories and a press that should be capable of printing all heads down and hold perfect registration on the most complex of jobs.

In order to print all heads down the engineering has to be spot-on! Such a premium press will be made to last for many years and most importantly it should hold registration all day long…. And the next day, and the day after that. In fact, it should hold registration for as long as it takes to finish the job!

At the entry level you may be looking for a no-frills press without options like micro registration as this will cut down the cost of the machine quite a bit. At this level of equipment you would almost never find high quality engineering that ensures good registration, an upgrade path or meaningful accessories.

However, it is imperative to the success of your garment decoration business that you choose a press that IS able to hold registration. Without this basic necessity, you may as well make your own press and consider it a hobby, because no serious business could use a press that cannot hold registration.

The easiest way to find out the truth is to ask other users. They will usually tell it like it is. Also look around on auction sites… what is for sale there is generally low end and mostly mistakes being unloaded onto the next unsuspecting punter.

What If "Entry Level" could also be reliable?

The Vastex brand has been established since 1960 and as the pioneers of rotary garment screen printing machines, they have always provided their dedicated followers with the very best value for money. Not cheap, just good value for money.

Introducing The New Baby In The Vastex Family – The V100
Entry Level + Reliable = A True Business Building Tool

Vastex has just launched a new screen printing machine aimed at the entry level market where budgets are tighter than an Olympian’s spandex. If you are just getting started and need a press that can hold registration, offers an upgrade path and a selection of pallets along with the option of the very best screen printing classes available in the industry, you would love the Vastex V100 screen print machine. It is ideal whether you want to grow an existing garment decoration business or start a brand new one.

With a comprehensive range of ancillary tools available to ensure the screen printer is fully equipped, the Vastex range also offer entry level screen exposure units, the most reliable entry level flash cure units in the business (15 year warranty on heater), entry level screen drying cabinets to dry screens securely and ultra entry level compact t shirt conveyor dryers along with a vast range of accessories. If you want to drive your garment decoration business forward, we would be happy to help and advise you. The Vastex range includes equipment at a level to suit most businesses.

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Garment decoration with Vastex V100