How To Get Started In Screen Printing: Overcoming The Main Obstacles

Sometimes even the best ideas take a long time to implement. Moving this process along faster could see you add a new profit centre and more comprehensively serving the customers you already have sooner. If you are wondering how to get started in screen printing, we hope this article will help.

If you are starting a new venture, the main benefit of a quicker implementation is of course that you will see your bank balance improving much sooner.

So what are the main obstacles to getting started in screen printing?

Getting Started In Screen Printing: How To Overcome The Main Obstacles


One of the biggest problems to adding a new arm to any business or indeed starting one from new, is time. Time is required to do research and learn about the topic at hand to ensure you can make educated choices.

If you have ever suffered from analysis paralysis, rest assured you are not alone, but remember, your time is a valuable commodity and one that cannot be repurchased once you have spent it. What you really need to know is how to get started in screen printing with the least amount of fuss.

What if you could dramatically cut down the time you need to implement screen printing into your existing business or start-up from scratch?

Time is money


After time, money is probably the biggest constraint for most small businesses. However, ask yourself this – what do the really successful competitors in my industry do? Are they struggling along using equipment that is inefficient and costs them lots of their most important commodity – TIME – to keep running?

Do they leave employees to “figure things out” in their own way, or do they ensure they are thoroughly trained?

Successful, efficient and profitable businesses use the best of what the market has to offer, yet this strategy doesn’t have to be the most expensive in most cases.

What if you could recognise the most important features to look for to ensure you invest your money wisely in products that will help you grow?



Have you ever wished you could download the brain of an expert to instantly acquire the same knowledge, or somehow press the fast forward button on all that research you have to do? Knowledge puts you in control, and if you want to speed up the process of learning, you can only acquire accurate knowledge from industry experts.

Knowledge gained from wasting hours on the internet learning from sources that invariably know precious little more than you do at this point, is not a recipe for lasting success.

What if you could gain the hard-earned knowledge of an industry expert to get you started in screen printing in only three days?



One problem that is harder to overcome than most when you are laying out your initial plan on how to get started in screen printing, is the issue of available space. Unless a business move is imminent, choices may to some extent be dictated by the space you already have available.

Starter equipment is something most companies outgrow very quickly. This means more time and research to get to the next step in the growth of your new venture.

What if you could have a solution for the most modest of spaces that could grow with your needs?


How do you achieve all this?

If you are serious on cutting down the time from idea to implementation, you need knowledge. Acquiring knowledge puts you in control, allowing correct decisions to be made from the start.

Knowledge comes from education and the best people to learn from are true industry experts.

The default position of many companies is to spend thousands of Pounds on new equipment and then leave the learning part to “free” advice from online video sites and forums, where everybody may appear to be an expert. Wasting your valuable time listening to tips and tricks from people with an uncertain background in screen printing is a guaranteed way to fritter away your single most valuable commodity. The only thing you are certain to obtain from such an exercise is that tomorrow and the day after, you will have to watch many more videos in the hope that eventually you may track down the solution to another problem.

All the while you are learning bad habits and wasting product through a multitude of inefficiencies. So, does “free” information really represent good value for your business?

How much will “free” advice cost you? Can your business afford it?

Equipment choices

How you spend your hard earned cash will determine your success. Prudent choices do not mean the most expensive kit out there, but it certainly does not mean the cheapest. There is a very good reason why some equipment is cheap. It has not been professionally designed and engineered for you to succeed in running a profitable business using it. It is aimed at users with zero knowledge.

Focusing only on the price tag rather than the true value that a product or service represents is missing the point.

Online auctions have certainly provided the people who make poor purchase decisions with a venue to offload their mistakes on the next unsuspecting victim who is focused on price and price alone. Take for example this listing …..

A cautionary tale...

live from the internet today!

2 arm screen printing machine complete kit. With everything you need to start your screen printing business or hobby. I bought this machine couple months back but it’s just been gathering dust in my warehouse. It’s almost new I literally only used it about 3 times only.

Rubbish Screen Printing PressRubbish Screen Exposure Unit

Comes with –

Exposure unit
Loads of paint
And everything in the picture

Everything you need to make a t shirt is there. I’m throwing in my used screens as well I believe they can be restored. There is about 8 of them.

This poor unsuspecting person never stood a chance of success with the equipment shown in the listing. It may have seemed cheap, but they were fleeced. The quality of the equipment is dismal. Nobody spends the amount this person clearly did (evidence in listing) and intends to use the equipment only three times as stated.

They clearly intended starting a business but had zero knowledge and did not take the time to address that prior to taking the next crucial step of purchasing equipment.

Chances are that very few t-shirts, if any, were ever printed with this machine before the individual gave up. How many hours of their time was wasted on this project? Did they dream of starting their own business? Where could they have been today if they had received proper training and purchased reliable, usable equipment?

Today versus Tomorrow

Businesses grow, needs change, but do you want to start over each time that happens? More research, more time and money wasted disposing of and sourcing replacements for your equipment. The space constraints of today are unlikely to be compatible with the business needs of tomorrow, so an upgrade path is essential. Finding equipment that can grow with your needs is not so much a “nice to have” but rather an essential part of the planning process.

How do you know what represents good value?

There are many suppliers in every industry imaginable all vying for your business and it is no different with screen printing equipment. So how do you sort the wheat from the chaff so to speak? We believe that the quickest and simplest way to judge a product is to see how confidently it is supported by the manufacturer and then start to dig deeper into the features and benefits of the product.

A good warranty speaks volumes about how confident a manufacturer is in their products.

Does your prospective supplier offer in-depth training by independent industry professionals to ensure you have the opportunity to learn how to put your equipment to good use in order to run a profitable business?

A little something about Dalesway Print Technology

We are a small family owned business, supplying screen printing equipment and supplies. We are not the biggest and we certainly do not aim to be a “one stop shop”. What we do is to offer equipment and supplies we really believe will be an asset in your business and help you grow and stay competitive in a tough market.

We work with manufacturers who care about how they design or formulate their products, and support those products well, so we can support you well and most of all suppliers who share our vision of offering the customer the best value for money possible, whatever their budget.


We do not supply low end products, just because they are cheap and will appeal to many unsuspecting punters to turn us a sizable profit. Nor do we sell inferior inks just because they are more likely to sell in huge quantities, no matter what the cost in terms of product safety both to you the printer or your end customer who will wear that product against their skin for many hours.

Vastex Screen Printing Range

So whether you are looking for the best performing start-up equipment that money can buy or something a little more mid to top-end, the Vastex range from Dalesway Print Technology offers the best the industry has to offer with unbeatable warranties, upgrade paths on many units and training at our headquarters by an acknowledged industry expert that is totally independent from our business.


We also represent one of the oldest manufacturers of ink – Lancer – a company who strives to continually improve the safety of screen printing inks while maintaining ease of use. You may want to read more about Evolution PVC free screen printing inks from Lancer. It is as easy to use as Plastisol but with many of the advantages of water based inks.

Good training... Your key to a professional start with all the knowledge directly from an independent industry expert and master screen printer - Douglas Grigar

Douglas Grigar - Master Screen PrinterYou may not be looking how to get started in screen printing but may be screen printing already, so training may not be on your agenda. However, have you stopped to think that there could be a myriad of little things you could be doing better to make your business more profitable and efficient? Only the best companies survive in any industry and knowledge and training is the biggest key to success.

If you are a complete beginner you have the unique opportunity to get started in screen printing without learning any bad habits, without wasting hours of your time and mountains of consumables and scrap shirts. You can literally print like a pro with only three days training when you allow an expert like Doug to teach you the right way from the start. Read more about the screen printing classes by Douglas Grigar by following the link. We look forward to welcoming you to our fully equipped workshop and training facility in Barnoldswick, Lancashire.

Don’t just take our word for it that this is the screen printing class for you – listen to the video testimonials from previous attendees, some of whom had been printing for many years prior to attending the course, while others were complete novices. Just scroll to the bottom of the page with more info on these unique screen printing classes in the UK.

How to get started in screen printing - Good training is essential

How to get started in screen printing - Learn the theory