Keeping Your Squeegees Clean & Tidy

Keep your squeegees clean and tidy

At Dalesway Print Technology we are advocates of keeping your squeegees clean & tidy. Not only squeegees but every item of equipment in your shop will benefit from being kept clean. Consider it part of day to day maintenance and a way to save both time and money in the long run.

Saving time in your screen printing business means saving money. Simple tips and tricks can turn your business into a much more efficient profit making machine and this technique is one of those very handy tips.

Keeping your squeegees clean & tidy by taping them up, will prevent them from looking sloppy and save you a bunch of time during the cleaning-up phase as you won’t have to worry about ink creeping into the area where the squeegee rubber meets the holder.


The Best Tape For Keeping Your Squeegees Clean & Tidy

We suggest you use a good quality tape with very strong adhesive that will resist the on-press wash you will use to wipe the squeegee down with later. Most screen printing supplies companies will offer such a sturdy tape. Our screen tape: blue blockout tape is tough as nails, but won’t leave any sticky mess behind.


Handy Tip:

We recommend that you leave the tape on your white ink squeegee and if you regularly print black, you can leave the tape in place on this too. On others, remove the tape after printing as this will completely remove the possibility of cross contamination of colours during a subsequent print run. Always scrape the majority of the ink off before removing the tape. No need to waste ink!


Avoid Brown Packing Tape!

Brown packaging tape is not ideal for this application and will leave a big mess on your squeegee, making the whole process pointless. The blue block out screen tape can also be used to tape screens, especially when you are doing a long run and really need the tape to stay put. Alternatively we can highly recommend PMI Split Liner Tape for screens.

If you enjoy the PMI range of tapes, you may also want to consider the full adhesive tape in that range for this application. We do hope this little tip will help you in keeping your squeegees clean & tidy!

Keeping your squeegees clean & tidy with blue tape