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KwikMBoss with product

From logos on promotional gifts to monograms on top end leather goods, a short history of Kwikprint in the UK.

Walk into any one of a large number of retail outlets today and you will see high end fashion and leather goods being sold with the opportunity to personalise these items with the initials of the lucky recipient. This adds a very personal touch to the item and really makes the gift extra special. Kwikprint has been used extensively for this application in the UK, Europe, UAE and the USA.

In the early days, Kwikprint machines were the go-to machine of the book binding industry, where most often, gold text was added to the cover of handmade books. In many instances text was also blind debossed without any colour into the surface of the cover materials, and this understated elegant finish is what has become an instant hit with the UK fashion market. The days of Kwikprint being used solely for printing logos onto a range of promotional gifts and give-aways was gone.

Kwikprint hot foil stamping machines were offered in five model options. The most popular of these was the Model 25, an entry-level ultra compact hot foil machine for customers that only needed to personalise small products. The Kwikprint Model 55 offered more versatility and could be used for a wider range of products, while the Kwikprint Model 86 was not only the easiest unit to use, but also the most versatile in terms of the number of different products that could easily be personalised.

The next generation of hot foil stamping machines – KwikMBoss

To keep up with the demands of the industry, it became clear that further development was required. With more features being demanded in a market that needed ever increasing levels of service, the KwikMBoss range of hot foil stamping machines offer everything Kwikprint had and more.

The new generation of KwikMBoss hot foil machines offer models with increased stability, modern design with the latest digital technology, the option to use type in two different ways and the importantly, to facilitate the use either type-high or narrow gauge engraved printing plates. All machines are built to high tolerances and offer exceptional longevity, accuracy and consistent printing that outperforms all previous models on offer.

KwikMBoss model overview

KwikMBoss Lite

With new models due for release soon, the current line-up includes the KwikMBoss Lite and the KwikMBoss Platinum hot stamping machines.

KwikMBoss Platinum hot stamping machines

The KwikMBoss Lite is ideal for customers that need to personalise smaller items. The unit offers more versatility than its predecessor, the Kwikprint Model 25 by allowing larger items to be printed and vastly improved stability. This affordable hand operated hot foil stamping machine can print onto a wide variety of products and best of all, most accessories and type holders are fully interchangeable with the KwikMBoss Platinum and other models due for release soon. This means that there is no need to invest in multiple accessories even if you use more than one model of KwikMBoss for different applications.