Screen Printing T-Shirts At Home In Limited Space

So you’ve decided to give screen printing a go and you are all excited about the prospect of printing your own t-shirts, but then you discover just how big the equipment is and how many different items are required. Taking a truly professional approach to screen printing definitely means you need a workspace that is roughly the size of a garage or reasonable sized room as a minimum, but are there other options?
Screen printing t-shirts at home in limited space

What are the alternatives if you just don't have so much space?

Very low end equipment tend to come in configurations that will suit smaller spaces, especially if you only need to print one or two colours, so if you are looking at screen printing as a hobby, you may not have a big problem to overcome. However, let’s just assume that although you have limited space and want to start out by screen printing t-shirts at home, you are looking at much more than a hobby and you want to be able to make your own, professional quality screens too.

A Compact, All-in-One Screen Printing Package

For many years, Printa Systems have been at the forefront of designing ultra compact screen printing systems for customers who had great ambitions but not great amounts of space.

What makes the Printa Systems 770 Series unique, is the tiny footprint that the equipment occupies whilst offering literally everything you need to start up. The Printa 770 offers you the following –

Screen Printing T-Shirts At Home Printa 770
Screen printing in up to four colours with up to four workstations


Printa 770 Screen Printing Machine Base
The base of the 770 is a multi-purpose storage area, so you have a built-in screen drying and storage cabinet.

Printa 770 Jacket Hold Down
Jacket hold-down accessory opens lucrative market for printing onto slippy jackets accurately.

Printa 770 Screen Printing System Exposure Unit
The system also offers an on-board screen making system and flash cure unit.

Printa 770 PrintAll System
A full package of accessories to print onto pockets, sleeves, trouser legs and more.

Printa 770 Taper Pin Alignment System
On-board screen registration system for quick setup

And finally… you also get

  • A starter pack of screens
  • Very detailed training manual
  • Training video

It is literally a business in a box, so you can start screen printing t-shirts at home as soon as you get it.

What Else Is Required?

You will need some supplies like inks and solvents to get started plus a pile of shirts. Only one other piece of equipment is highly recommended and this is a curing oven or tunnel dryer.

We highly recommend that you add a tunnel dryer to do the final curing of your printed garments, but don’t worry about having to buy a huge and unwieldy machine, we have the ideal, ultra compact solution for this too. The Vastex D100 can cure up to 100 plastisol printed garments per hour and it can comfortably be housed on a medium size table such as can commonly be found in places like Ikea.

Tunnel dryer for screen printing in small spaces

So How Much Space Is Needed?

The Printa 770 requires only two square meters of space when it is set up in four colour four station configuration.

Highly detailed printed t-shirts

If you do not need to use all four workstations, this can be a little less. Add a table of 60 cm x 120 cm for your dryer to stand on and all you have to allow for is space to pick, pack and move around. It is truly the most compact system you will find that offers so many accessories in one convenient package.

High Quality Results

The Printa 770 is used widely for producing anything from basic prints on sportswear to highly detailed prints like the ones in the images, courtesy of one of our customers. It is a great start-up system if your space is limited.

Want To Know More?

If you want to know more about the Printa 770 series compact screen printing system or any other screen printing equipment options, compact or otherwise, just give Dalesway Print Technology a ring on 0845 224 1204 or from a mobile you can ring on 03303 500 524. You can also email us. We would love to help you to get started in screen printing.