Screen Printing Trends for 2019 and Beyond

Screen printing is a popular printing technique which involves the use of custom designed stencils and forcing inks through a fine mesh to create the images and colour blocks needed. It is widely used in a lot of business sectors, but particularly within the fashion industry for printing directly onto fabrics. The advertising sector also makes great use of screen printing for posters, signage and other graphic products. For those that are partial to a more retro look, screen printed flyers are also making a comeback.

Likely screen printing trends for 2019

Screen printing will continue to dominate the T-shirt printing business for 2019. It’s a popular contemporary option and means that younger consumers can opt for the individual designs best suited to their personal image. Screen printing is an extremely cost-effective solution for T-shirts and some of the image trends likely to increase in popularity throughout 2019 include:

– Vintage designs harking back to the “good old days” of the 1980s and 1990s in soft, muted colours
– Superhero characters from comics like Marvel
– Deep space images inspired by all the latest movie releases and programmes like Big Bang Theory
– Black and white contrast prints are likely to be a big seller in 2019 and they are also extremely cost-effective to produce
– Designs based on abstract paintings, particularly focusing on accent detail like pockets, hems or around necklines
– Nature and animal prints and quotes
– Bold, solid blocks of colour and geometric designs

Some of the other popular trends in screen printing likely to emerge for fabrics, advertising and design materials include:

– All-American road trip themes, featuring dessert locations, palm-fringed holiday resort destinations and city skyscraper scenes. Warm amber colours will impart a sense of the past to many of these designs and they will be ideal for holiday style clothing and denims.

– Deep sea themes will also be popular in 2019 using bold and playful graphics and colours to depict underwater scenes and sea creatures. Many of these images will be cartoon-style images and they are a unisex option, ideal for men, women and children.


Some of the most popular screen print colours for 2018 were pale pink and ultraviolet. These colours are still likely to be popular through 2019, and Vegas Gold, a sparkly tinsel-looking gold is also likely to prove to be a common print choice. Black and white are continually on trend as already mentioned, and this will also be the case through 2019. The Pantone® colour of the year for 2019 is Living Coral 16-1546, following on from Ultra Violet in 2018. Living Coral is a warm shade that brings to mind comfort and positivity and will be popular as an accent shade as it provides excellent contrast with a wide array of colours.

It’s likely that bold and bright will be the principal colour choice throughout 2019 for any kind of screen print applications. Although these shades will tend to be complemented with more subdued, pastel tones. One other trend that will be common is the use of minimalism, whether in the choice of colours or the images themselves.

One thing is for certain, though, the screen printing sector will continue to grow and thrive throughout 2019 and beyond. If you’re looking for versatile, high-quality screen printing equipment from an industry-leading manufacturer, get in touch with Dalesway Print Technology today to discuss all our print solutions in detail. We are experts in screen printing and offer both superb value for money and the right solutions to suit the requirements of virtually any business.