How To Start Your Own T-shirt Printing Business

How to start your own t-shirt printing business

Why you should stop thinking about the equipment and consider training first!

So you have decided to start your own t-shirt printing business.

Great stuff!

You are standing at the doorway of an exciting new era.

The only small obstacle between you and a pile of freshly printed shirts is that you don’t know much about your new business and what is needed to make a success of it.

How To Start Your Own T-shirt Printing Business
Choosing the correct quality of screen printing equipment will be instrumental in your success

Get your surfboard out!

So you do what makes most sense – you get your surfboard out and hit the search engines to find the perfect screen printing press. It is after all one of the key ingredients when you want to start your own t-shirt printing business.

It is not long before you wish that you and your surfboard were on a real beach… even a frosty Scandinavian beach would be better than the information overload you now face.

There are lots of manufacturers of machinery and you can’t tell why one press costs a few hundred Pounds (or Dollars or Rand) and another costs a few thousand! Surely to goodness they must all do the same thing?!

However, this assumption would be the first mistake if you choose to make it and buy based only on price.

A touchstone for quality

Ultimately, if you want to start your own t-shirt printing business, you need to learn what is needed at each step of the production process to make a success of your venture. A definite measure against which the qualities of each screen printing press or screen printing dryer or flash cure unit can be measured, as well as the correct use of each item in the business.

The only way you can do this is to get to know what you are looking at and what questions to ask. This then needs to be weighed up against what you actually want to do in your business… and this is a pretty individual thing.

Let’s face it, you are going to need this knowledge in your new business anyway, so time spent on education is not wasted. The very best way to further your education is to attend a professionally presented screen printing class.

start your own t-shirt printing business

Use your time wisely

If you want to start your own t-shirt printing business in the most professional way, don’t waste your precious time on watching endless videos on Youtube or trawling through forums and millions of random web pages hoping to stumble across the information you need unless all you are interested in is furthering a hobby. After all, the “experts” in those videos and forums may have no formal training and may indeed know little more than you do.

Once you have learned the A to Z of screen printing from a respected source, selecting equipment and supplies will not be so daunting. You will have an understanding of what you are looking at, what you need and what can wait.

Most new screen printers have to focus on the need-to-haves before the nice-to-haves for simple reasons of budget and space constraints. Only a thoroughly educated “you” can truly decide on the way forward to make your vision come true. Investing in training will give you the expertise you need to make the right choices.

How to start your own t-shirt printing business

Professional quality training

Investing in training with a professional, master screen printer like Douglas Grigar is a decision to make a success of your new business. We have spoken to many students who have previously attended other classes and still struggled on as they were not taught the proper techniques.

Frankly, anybody can tout themselves as a teacher. As long as they have and hour more experience than you, they will sound plausible. If you are a newbie, they will sound like a professional, when their knowledge is in fact pretty limited.