Screen Printing Stencil Remover Options And How To Use Them

Stencil Remover Options

Stencil Remover Option 1: Proclean Powder

Before applying any emulsion remover, do ensure that the screen has been thoroughly cleaned of any remaining ink using on-press wash Ecosolve G as a first step. After this, use an ink degrader such as Ecosolve GE for final clean-up before reclaiming a screen. Next, apply diluted stencil remover powder powder to the screen, allow it to work for a couple of minutes and rinse thoroughly with high pressure.

Proclean Powder Stencil Remover Powder:Cleaning Screens During Class

Optimal dilution is 2%: 100g to 5 litres of water. This dilution rate can be increased up to 100g to 10 litres of water for less demanding applications. Using the latter dilution rate may require more time for the solution to work on the emulsion before washing commences.

Stencil Remover Option 2: Proclean Gel

As with every type of stencil remover, all traces of ink should be removed using a good quality ink degrader such as Ecosolve GE. After applying your ink degrader and before you start using the gel stencil remover, do rinse the screen thoroughly with water and dry any excess water to avoid dilution of the Proclean gel. Spread the gel evenly on both sides of the screen using a brush and leave for five minutes before washing with high-pressure water.

The screen can also be brushed until the stencil remover has broken down the entire stencil thoroughly, followed by washing with ample water to remove any traces of the stencil.

Stencil Remover Option 3: Proclean Direct Liquid

Remove all traces of ink with water emulsified cleaner, in this case Ecosolve GE ink degrader. Rinse thoroughly. To avoid dilution of the stencil remover, dry the screen off, and apply Proclean direct reclaiming liquid to both sides, spreading it evenly using a brush. Leave for 5 minutes and wash using high-pressure water.

The screen can also be brushed until the emulsion is removed, followed by washing with ample water to remove all traces of the stencil. View all three types of emulsion remover for reclaiming screens by following this link.

Removing Thick Stencils

If you have used a high-build stencil to print either high-density inks or even athletic numbers for sports applications, removing the stencil from the mesh requires a slightly different technique.

We suggest that the screen is first thoroughly cleaned of ink using ink cleanup such as Ecosolve G or GE.

As a second step, apply Proclean Gel to the squeegee side only and wait for around 20 seconds. Use a high-pressure jet to wash the inside of the screen (squeegee side) only.

Now simply peel the stencil away from the screen. If any emulsion remains, apply Proclean gel again.


  • Do not allow the stencil remover to dry on the screen, as it will become permanently “locked” in, requiring new mesh.
  • Always make sure that you prepare and degrease screens in a different area to where screens have new emulsion applied. Coating screens in the same area will allow vapour from the liquids and gel used during mesh prep to condense on the mesh and this will cause poor adhesion of the emulsion to the screen. In the case of the Proclean powder, the newly coated screens could partially harden when in the same area.