Vastex News: Big Developments From Industry Leader

Vastex News: Dalesway Print Technology has proudly partnered with Vastex since 2010 to supply some of the industry’s very best screen printing equipment to the UK market. The Vastex brand of screen printing equipment is synonymous with quality, durability and innovation and as one of the industry leaders they have outgrown current manufacturing facilities. In order to keep up with the ever growing demand for Vastex screen printing equipment in the UK and across the world, brand new world headquarters are being constructed in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Vastex News: Big Developments From Industry Leader

“The new facility will enable us to streamline our manufacturing processes, increase our research and development efforts, and provide a state-of-the-art training facility for both new and experienced screen printers,” says Mark Vasilantone, president of Vastex.

The new purpose-built factory will encompass 3500 square meters and include manufacturing, inventory, assembly, shipping, offices, a large showroom and hands-on classroom for screen printing classes. Uprooting a manufacturing business such as Vastex’ headquarters is no small undertaking, so the new Vastex facility is being designed with future growth in mind. The overall grounds extend to some 3.5 hectares and the new premises will have a purpose designed “break-out wall” to allow the space to be doubled in future with little interruption to manufacturing.

Vastex was founded in 1960 by Mike and Fannie Vasilantone. The company’s patented innovations include the dual rotary printing press (where the pallets and print heads both rotate), the four-way stretch hold down for printing jackets and dual layer fabrics, and the air recirculation system for dryers. Other inventions include the first small product electric infrared dryer, a patented belt alignment/tracking device, and a small mechanical squeegee.

From humble beginnings in the family garage to its current location in Allentown, PA, Vastex has grown into a multi-million Dollar enterprise that manufactures manual screen printing presses, infrared conveyor dryers, flash cure units and a complete line of pre-press and utility equipment purchased by screen printers in 50 countries.

“The investment in our expandable facility will strengthen our ability to meet the fast-growing worldwide demand for Vastex precision screen printing equipment,” Vasilantone says.

To see the quality of Vastex screen printing equipment first hand, we warmly invite you to visit Dalesway Print Technology’s showrooms in Lancashire, UK. We provide the same training that is available to the US market by enlisting the services of master screen printer Douglas Grigar who flies over from the USA specifically to teach the best screen printing class available in the UK.

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