Earn Rewards

Colour Me Happy

We know you have many choices of suppliers and we really appreciate your support. As a way of saying thank you to our loyal customers, you can now earn loyalty points on all your purchases of equipment and everyday supplies.

You can either redeem your loyalty points in chunks of 500 as you go, or save them up for a big purchase. It’s really up to you. We will run regular specials to allow you to collect extra rewards points on your purchases too.

Join The Club

To start collecting reward points, you need to join the loyalty club by opening a trade account. This allows us to keep track of your points balance for you. Please note that only online purchases from this store will accrue loyalty points. If you wish to purchase an item that is not shown here and still join the loyalty club to accrue points when you purchase supplies, please ask us at the time of ordering to open an account for you to ensure your points are credited.

Open your trade account now by filling in our Account Application Form and you can start to earn rewards immediately. Please note that a trade account is not a 30 day account.

PingIt Bonus: Earn 500 Bonus Points!

If you have to set PingIt up for the first time specifically to pay us, just drop us an email after making your first payment and we will credit your account with 500 bonus points to say thank you for the extra trouble you went to.