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Get started quickly with a full package

We have a variety of printing machinery packages that are designed to get you started quickly with everything needed.

These printing machinery packages are ideal for those seeking a no fuss approach to either expanding their existing business into a new printing technology or setting up a new business venture. With a wide variety of options available, we have grouped the machinery together by type.

Please feel free to phone or email if you need further help.

Step 1

Screen Printing

Packages are available to suit different skill levels, budgets and space constraints

Vastex V100
-Commercial grade, entry level, upgradeable screen printer

Vastex V1000
– Commercial grade, mid level, upgradeable screen printing system

Vastex V2000
– The best premium, upgradeable manual screen printing system.

In addition to the packages illustrated on our site, we can also provide a fully customised screen printing package to suit individual needs and personal requirements.

Vastex V2000 4 Station 4 Colour Screen Printing Carousel

Step 2

Pad Printing

Packages for our semi-automatic pad printers are generally configured to suit individual needs

Semi-Automatic Pad Printers
–Ideal for high production environments, these semi-automatic pad printers are very versatile and can be used to mark many products.

Items as diverse as industrial components, promotional give-aways such as golf balls, clock and watch faces, electronic components are all printed using this versatile technique.

A big benefit of the GTO range is the availability of models with print areas much larger than traditional pad printers

GTO Colibri Evo 1 Colour Pad Printing System

Step 3

Hot Foil Printing

The Kwikprint range is versatile and easy to use. Personalise one item or 1000

Kwikprint Model 25
–Our smallest manual system but no less capable than the two bigger brothers

Kwikprint Model 55
–Compact manual printer that is portable if needed, ideal for more limited budgets

Kwikprint Model 86
–The most versatile option

Print anything from a one-off to short and medium runs using type or dies. Used extensively by a variety of High Street Fashion Brands to personalise goods.

Kwikprint Model 55 Hot Foil Printing System

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