Hot Foil Printing

Hot foil printing, or hot stamping, is a versatile process that adds unique finishes to a wide variety of products. Form the high-end luxury of adding logos using metallic foils to the understated elegance of blind embossed names and initials, there is a wide variety of product personalisation options to experiment with. Special effect foils, gloss foils and many more options can add increased value to your products. At Dalesway, our range of hot foil stamping machines is used extensively by retailers looking to personalise high-end leather goods and other products for customers in-store.

Adding the personal touch to belts, wallets, handbags and a range of other items is fast becoming the norm. Customers want the ability to give their pieces that unique, high-end appeal with a truly personal touch once a customers’ initials are added. We offer a range of hot foil stamping machines to suit a wide range of product types and sizes. From compact hot foil machines to larger options for commercial manufacturers, all of our hot foil printing machines are extremely versatile and highly adjustable.

Whether you’re getting started with hot foil printing or you’re ready to upgrade your current machine, we have everything you need to create great quality hot foil products including manual hot foil printers and our high-end brass engraved type sets.