Printing Plate Makers

Pad printing is still one of the most popular processes for businesses looking to great high-quality printed designs, but the right equipment is key – however big or small your business is! Pad printing plate makers allow you to make pad printing plates or clichés quickly and cost-effectively. Pad printing systems require a printing plate to be made for each colour of a design that will be printed. These printing plates can be made in a number of ways, but the most efficient way is to invest in a UV exposure unit and some water washable polymer plate material.

When pad printing plates are needed, many companies resort to outsourcing their pad printing plate making to a subcontractor. This takes valuable time and money which could both be saved by investing in an in-house polymer pad printing plate maker. In order to make the pad printing plate, a number of items are needed, the most expensive of which will be a good UV exposure unit such as the Black Box pressure pad system or the Xeros vacuum bed range.

Discover our pad printing plate makers and find out how they can help your business save valuable time and money on pad printing supplies today.