Semi-Automatic Pad Printers

Pad printers are wonderfully versatile and can be used to decorate or mark a wide range of products. Items as diverse as industrial components, promotional give-aways such as golf balls, clock and watch faces, electronic components, and the decorative heels of ladies shoes are all printed using this versatile technique.

The reason why pad printing is so adaptable, is that the process is not constrained to flat surfaces or specific substrates – you can literally pad print onto almost anything.

A pad printer utilises a soft silicone pad to transfer an image onto a product. This soft pad adapts to the product that is being printed to ensure a perfect print is obtained every time.

The biggest benefit of the GTO range of semi automatic pad printing systems is the availability of models with print areas much larger than traditional pad printers. This allows manufacturers to utilise this convenient print method in lieu of screen printing in many instances.

The models to look out for if your print area is quite big, are the the “slider” versions.