Screen Printing Dryers

Every screen printing business needs an efficient screen printing dryer in order to get the best results. The majority of inks used during the screen printing process need to be cured using heat once they have been printed. Curing the print correctly ensures that it stays on the garment and does not fade or crack over time, which is why a screen printing dryer is an essential part of your kit.

From tunnel dryers to screen drying cabinets, there’s a variety of options available for a wide variety of screen printing applications. A screen drying cabinet is also a great choice if you’re looking to save time and money, it’s also a perfect choice for a large-scale operation needing high efficiency. If space is an issue, our compact tunnel dryers offer high performance and a modest footprint. The Vastex range offer dryers that use advanced, focused exhaust systems to remove moisture and fumes with accurate digital temperature controllers for an efficient screen drying process. We also stock a range of flash cure units for the essential process of flash curing between colours.

Whatever you’re looking for, we’re here to help you make the right decision for your business. Contact the Dalesway Print Technology team today for more advice on the right screen printing dryer for your needs.