Screen Drying Cabinets

If you’re looking to maximise time and productivity in your business, screen printing dryer cabinets are a great choice. Adding a screen drying cabinet to your printing kit will significantly cut down the time required for a screen to dry after being coated with either a liquid emulsion or capillary film. In a busy printing shop, this ultra fast drying time can be invaluable!

At Dalesway Print Technology, our screen drying cabinets are suitable for a range of business sizes, from entry level to professional operations. Using a dynamic airflow above and below the screens, your screens are consistently and evenly dried and the air is filtered to avoid any dust settling on the wet emulsion. Highly efficient and compact enough for all environments, our screen drying cabinets also boast ‘light-tight’ technology to avoid any activation of the emulsion during the drying process.

Screen printing drying cabinets are an ideal way to aid workflow and ensure your printing business is reaching its full potential. For more information about our screen drying cabinets, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Dalesway team – or take a look at our infra red conveyor dryers for more drying solutions for your business.