UV Conveyor Dryers

When a t-shirt printed with plastisol ink is not cured properly with an electric infra red conveyor dryer, the printed image on the garment will break down very quickly during washing. While start-up businesses may choose to use flash cure units to do the final cure of the print initially, it is important to realise that doing this should be a short term measure. Also keep in mind that there are certain limitations when using a flash cure unit to complete the final stage of curing.

The first such limitation is that you should only cure smaller images in this way and certainly not a printed image on the garment that reaches the limits of the spot curer’s size. It is also best not to try to dry very large solid areas of print with only a flash dryer.

As a specialist manufacturer of screen printing dryers, presses and spot cure units, the Vastex range offer exceptional value for money. The Vastex range offer various models and within the range you will find tunnel dryers that are ideal for drying products such as plastisol printed t-shirts, water-based inks and discharge inks. The range of infra red tunnel dryers offer plenty of choice and scope for growth as most models are upgradeable.

We are able to offer solutions for the entry level t-shirt printer all the way up to high production shops thanks to the variety of models and options.