Artwork Preparation

Artwork preparation is a crucial part of any printing process. Without excellent artwork, the final job will never live up to expectations. Whether you are screen printing, pad printing or hot foil printing, it all starts here.

Good artwork preparation requires a few “must-haves” and a few “nice-to-haves”. The “must-haves” include an inkjet printer, high quality screen print software called a RIP, ink and film to print your positives onto. The “nice-to-have” category includes a screen registration system to cut down dramatically on setup time at the press and associated consumables.

A compatible inkjet printer is essential when using a RIP to print image-setter quality films. To ensure you use a supported printer, please review the options tab within the FIlmMaker RIP pages or give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Screen printing art is usually created in a vector drawing program such as CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator.  Learning how to prepare artwork for screen printing is very important if you want a quality end result on the printed t shirt.



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