Flash Cure Units

Flash cure units are an essential piece of kit for any screen printing business. Also known as spot cure units, flash cure machines allow you to dry ink on a garment without having to remove it from the press between colours. Ideal for prints that require an underbase to ensure vibrant colour or for getting the most impact when printing on dark materials, our screen printing flash dryers utilise infra-red technology to help you create the perfect print.

When using a flash dryer for screen printing it’s important to note that flash drying cures only to the gel point of the ink, it’s not the final drying process for the garment which should be carried out in a specialist screen printing dryer.

At Dalesway, our range of Vastex flash dryers for sale are compact, efficient and perfect for business start-ups, travelling printers, home-based screen printers and dedicated print shops. Our team is here to offer help and guidance every step of the way, so get in touch and find out how our flash cure units can transform your printing business.

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