Infra Red Conveyor Dryers

Infra red conveyor dryers are a great choice for any screen printing business. High-powered and efficient, these dryers suit operations of all sizes, with upgradable options for a growing business. At Dalesway, we offer a wide selection of screen printing conveyor dryers from industry leading brand, Vastex. Vastex dryers are legendary due to their reliability and upgrade features. With emitters guaranteed for an impressive 15 years, we believe you would struggle to find a reason to buy another brand!

Infra red conveyor dryers use infra red radiation to cure the ink, generating heat to raise the ink temperature quickly without heating the air around it. Our range of Vastex screen printing conveyor dryers includes entry level, mid and high-capacity models suitable for a wide range of production environments. We also offer water-based screen printing dryers and tunnel dryers with advanced features and efficient upgrade paths if your requirements change.

Find the right infra red conveyor dryer for your needs at Dalesway today, for more screen printing essentials why not take a look at our selection of screen drying cabinets and flash dryers?