Manual Screen Printing Presses

Manual screen printing presses are ideal for smaller printing businesses or those looking to focus on shorter runs of prints. Designed to grow with your business, our screen printing machines are upgradable and will save your business money in the long run. Although automatic screen printing machines may save time if you’re looking to focus on very long production runs, it also adds a level of complication that may not suit smaller shops. Thanks to the adaptability of manual screen printing equipment, you can take on more challenging prints to create a product that really stands out from the rest.

At Dalesway, all the manual screen printing and silk screen printing equipment we offer is easy to use, with something to suit most applications. The popular Vastex range includes upgradable manual screen printing presses for all budgets, with a choice of either traditional speed base carousel presses or table top. A manual screen printing machine is an essential part of any printing business, giving you the adaptability to take on a greater variety of projects and stand out from the competition. For guidance on manual screen printing or silk screen printing machines, get in touch with the Dalesway team today or find out about our screen printing classes to help boost your business knowledge. We offer a complete range of screen printing dryers and flash cure units too.

Please Note: All Vastex machines are configured as all heads down as standard (except 4/6 models)