Semi-Auto Rotary & Flat Bed Screen Printer

Rotary screen printing is the ideal solution to print the circumference of cylindrical products without any constraints. If you work in a high-production environment, a semi-automatic rotary screen printer is an invaluable piece of kit that will boost productivity and allow you to print designs on a wider range of products. From glass or plastic bottles to medical products, science equipment and more, rotary screen printing is a versatile arm of any screen printing business.

At Dalesway, our semi-automatic rotary screen printer can be used as both a cylindrical machine and as a flat-bed printer. When you need to switch to perform a rotary print, the mechanism remains in it’s fixed position while the screen moves from left to right with the product being pushed upwards against the screen. As the screen moves, the cylindrical product rotates against the screen and ink is applied as it is turned, the end result is an evenly printed product that could not be achieved through standard pad printing.

Rotary screen printing is a great option for any printing business to offer and we’re here to help you make the right decision when it comes to installing your own semi-automatic screen printer. Get in touch today to find out more about our rotary printing machines or take a look at our full screen printing equipment range for more expert tools and machines.