Washout Booths

Washout booths are handy tools in a busy screen printing shop, since they serve as a dedicated area for screen preparation and reclamation.

Screen preparation and reclamation can be messy due to the need for high pressure water. This is why the task is best carried out in a contained area such as a dedicated screen printing washout booth or very large sink with a tiled splash back area.

Each unit is specifically designed to contain as much of the water that is used in the screen preparation and stencil removal stages as possible. Our screen printing washout booths are made from high quality stainless steel with an acrylic back to allow the unit to be positioned near a light source to aid with washout. The units are also supplied with squeegee rests for your convenience and to help keep things tidy.

Dalesway also supply a wide range of other screen printing necessities such as flash cure units and tunnel dryers. Call us today for help and advice.