Emulsion & Screen Filler

Having the right screen printing emulsion is key when you’re managing a wide range of screen printing applications. From everyday emulsion to more advanced emulsions, our high-quality range is designed to offer something for all screen printing operations.

Dual cure emulsions offer the widest variety of applications and our Procol Plus emulsion is suitable for use with UV, plastisol, water-based and solvent-based inks. Producing a very high level of detail, Procol Plus makes it easier than ever to coat screens plus, the solids content of 36% minimises issues caused by shrinkage during the drying process. If you’re working on applications where exposure speed is paramount and less detail is required, photopolymer emulsions are pre-sensitized and ready for use. Offering a fast exposure speed, photopolymer screen printing emulsion can be used with plastisol, water-based inks and solvent-based inks, offering very high solids content of 47% and good resolution capability.

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