Screen Cleaning

Running an effective screen printing business requires the best tools, and the best products to keep them clean! Day to day usage of screens requires high-quality cleaning products and our simple step-by-step system ensures you have all the tools to keep them in top condition. Whether you need a high-quality stainless steel washout booth or screen cleaning chemicals like mesh prep and reclaiming materials, we offer top end products for screen print cleaning manufactured in Europe that are as safe as possible.

The first step in screen cleaning is mesh preparation and degreasing, our liquid mesh prep degreaser and abraser/degreaser paste are both high-quality options that will not adversely affect the frame, mesh, or mesh adhesive. During the print run, an on-press wash will solve problems such as ink build up and smearing. During screen reclamation, this step should be followed by using an ink degrader to fully break down all kinds of ink prior to reclaiming the screen. A high-performance emulsion or stencil remover is the next step when reclaiming screens, our range comes in three easy to use formats; powder, gel or ready to use liquid. For stubborn ink, emulsion or ghost images our Net Gel haze remover is your final step to bringing screens back to their best.

At Dalesway Print Technology, we want to offer our customers a reward for loyalty and you can earn reward points on all of your screen print cleaning essentials and other screen printing supplies. Shop our full-screen printing supplies range today for high-performance products at low-cost prices.