Black Box Entry Level Pad Printing Cliché Making Machine


Our most cost effective UV exposure unit is ideal for exposing a wide range of products such as pad printing plates, hot foil polymer plates, glass engraving stencils and more. Made in the UK.

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The tubes are housed in the bottom of the steel case which means that the artwork has to be registered on the material to be exposed, and then placed face down on the exposure bed. The units have a pressure pad which is housed in the hinged lid. When the lid is closed, the foam pressure pad forces the artwork and material together to ensure good contact.

An electronic timer is fitted to the front of unit and is housed in a touch sensitive membrane. Exposure time is entered by pressing either the up or down arrow until the desired time is shown.

The exposure cycle is started by pressing the start button, and when finished, the display flashes and returns to the original setting.


Black Box Entry Level Pad Printing Cliché Making Machine: Specifications

Black Box
Working area 35 x 26 cm
UV output 4 x 15 watt
Dimensions 51 x 40 x 12 cm
Weight 14 kg
Timer 500 seconds
Warranty 1 year

Please review the Xeros range of UV units if a more advanced timer control with audible exposure complete warning is a required feature. The Xeros range of UV units should be purchased when fine detail or photographic reproduction is required. Where this is not the case, the Black Box will prove more than adequate.