Colormate Pro Ink Mixing Software

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Use this free software in conjunction with Lancer ink mixing systems, Excalibur 551 ColorPro (plastisol) and Evolution 2 NX (PVC free) to mix any Pantone® colour in exact quantities required.

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Colormate PRO makes colour matching and ink management very easy. Colormate PRO is used to produce simulated Pantone ® colours and also contains colour recipes for all stock Excalibur series colours.

High-speed formulations increase production and print well on both manual and automatic presses and all components are balanced and ready for use, so there are no worries about curing issues.

The software will estimate the amount of ink required and can use any unit of measurement that is convenient to the user such as quarts, gallons, litres, kilograms or pounds. Please ensure that you check back periodically to download the latest version of the software free of charge.


Minimum System Requirements for Colormate PRO® Software
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98 / NT / 2000 / ME / XP / Vista only.
Processor Speed: Minimum of 200 Mhz – Pentium / AMD Processor or better.
Memory Requirements: 32 Mb of RAM (64 Mb or more is better).
Video Card: SVGA Video Card or better (must support 800 x 600 screen resolution).
Peripherals: Microsoft Windows compatible keyboard and mouse required.

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