Dual Cure Liquid Emulsion: Procol Plus

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An excellent everyday workhorse and good all rounder at a very competitive price. Procol Plus is a highly viscous diazo dual cure emulsion that can be used with plastisol, water-based inks, solvent and UV inks, giving very good resolution.

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For everyday screen printing projects where there is not a requirement for ultra high definition, Procol Plus delivers a very good level of detail. High viscosity ensures that coating screens is a doddle and the solids content of 36% minimises headaches caused by shrinkage during the screen drying process.

Procol Plus is a very elastic emulsion, so it offers a very good level of mechanical resistance to the force exerted by the squeegee ends on the screen.

If you are looking for higher solids content and higher resolution capability, why not consider our Procol XLS diazo dual cure emulsion that offers 50% solids content?

Colour: Blue prior to being sensitized.


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Dual Cure Liquid Emulsion: Procol Plus TDS
Procol Plus Emulsion MSDS

Procol XLS Exposure Guidelines

Initial trials can be done using the following recommendations –

Mesh Vastex LED Exposure – E200 3+2 Full Exposure Vastex LED Exposure – E2000 3+2 Full Exposure 3Kw Lamp at 90 cm (1+1)
120T (305) 180 s *(dyed mesh) 150 s *(dyed mesh) 130 s
90T (230) 135 s
77T (195)
61T (156) 150 s *(dyed mesh)

* Please note: A 3+2 screen coating procedure delivers a high EOM and we strongly believe in full and complete exposure to minimise problems down the line.

If your exposure times using a similar emulsion is a lot shorter, you may find you are under-exposing your emulsion.

Procol Plus Shelf Life

One year at 20 °C when stored in a dark room. After sensitization, the shelf life is three months under the same conditions.