Engraved Brass Type


When there is a need to personalise a product with a name or initials, our high quality engraved brass type is the only solution. With a wide variety of typefaces and sizes available, there is bound to be something to suit your needs.



With huge rise in the demand for personalised products, our high quality engraved brass type has become the most popular add-on to the range of hot foil printing machines that we supply. Offering a deep etch to personalise even the most demanding products, our British manufactured, engraved brass type is also made in such a way that should pieces become damaged or lost, the font can be strengthened in future.

Printing type such as this is quickly and easily utilised in our range of hot foil printing machines. In addition to engraved brass type, we also offer bespoke engraved dies for all logo requirements and sequential numbering boxes.


Please peruse the resources tab below to review the range of available type faces and sizes. In addition you can choose to purchase your type in different configurations such as 100 piece font, 150 piece font, capitals only and more. Read more about the engraved brass printing type on our information page by following the link. To discuss lead times and your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Please Note: All engraved brass printing type is manufactured to order and is subject to a lead time of around four weeks at the present time. However, this may vary, so please discuss your needs with us.

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