Film Positives: DPT Jet

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Producing film positives in-house is easy and requires only nominal upfront investment. Use as positive or negative reprographic master film for creating screen printing films, pad printing, flexographic separations or stamp making artwork.

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Suitable for use with pigment and aqueous dye based inks. The film can be used with inkjet printers that have thermal or piezo print heads.

Performance Benefits

• High ink absorption
• Instant ink drying
• Good water resistance
• Faster print speeds
• High UV density range / visual contrast
• Low cost medium that meets stringent demands

Our screen printing films meet the highest demands with regards to image registration accuracy, dimensional stability and image density.

Worried About Small Accidents?

Should a spillage occur, you will be relieved to know that in most cases, this should not cause you to have to reprint your film. There may be differences between inks and not all liquids will be so forgiving, but although you are buying a low cost film, you can still expect the resilience that comes from much higher priced products.


A4 sample packs and A3 from stock (100 sheets per pack)
Rolls: Generally available to order. Please contact us with your requirements.

Use in combination with appropriate software for screen printing: FilmMaker RIP and a compatible printer to ensure optimal artwork. We also offer low cost inkjet ink.



Film Positives: DPT Jet Datasheet and Info

The Print Side:
It is not easy to see which side of the film to print on, so we suggest you dampen your finger slightly and touch the corner. The sticky side is the print side.


  • Clear transparent polyester film
  • Thickness: 100 micron (PET Substrate) 130 micron (Coated Film)
  • Instant ink drying
  • High UV-Density: DmaxUV >3
  • Weight: 175g
  • Surface: Transparent
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Surface Coating: Nano porous (as a function of RIP settings, ink system and printer as well as spectral sensitivity curves of the densitometers)
  • Dmin UV ca. 0.19 (+/- 0.05) (depends on densitometer type)
  • Dot Reproduction: up to ca. 55 – 60 LPI (depends on RIP and printer)
  • Opacity: 5%
  • Print mode recommended: high-resolution setting


  • Between 15 – 30°C and RH > or equal to 25%
  • A preconditioning period of 24 hours within the printing environment is recommended.
  • Avoid fingerprints in the print area of the film.
  • Use care in handling the film once printed as the surface is susceptible to scratches.
  • Storage: Store in closed original box in a cool, dry environment. Temperature: 10 – 25°C, RH 50%
  • Shelf life: 12 Months

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