GTO Continuous Conveyor Screen Printing Machines


If you need a continuous, conveyor style screen printing machine for products such as ribbon, belts, labelling etc, the 550 Evo Label can produce up to 500 printed products per hour. Made in the EU – 5 year guarantee.



The particular ribbon screen printing press illustrated here was built with four reels to allow for the simultaneous printing of up to four different ribbons. The machine is aimed at mass production, but samples can just as easily be produced when needed.

In the video you can see an example of how conveyor screen printing equipment can be used for continuous production printing onto the insoles of shoes.

Using a conveyor-style screen printing system could save time during the print process for a variety of products since handling becomes much more efficient when loading items onto the moving conveyor for printing.

These are two examples of how continues or conveyor-style screen printing can be implemented. Please call us to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Custom solutions to suit your product decoration requirements are available, please enquire.



Semi-Automatic Conveyor Screen Printing Machine: Specifications

Evo 550 Label
Number of colours 1
Screen frame size 75 x 43 cm
Maximum print area 55 x 35 cm
Maximum product height 8 cm
Print speed 500 per hour
Weight 650 kg

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