GTO Evo 550 Rotary & Flat Screen Printer


This versatile pneumatically controlled, semi-automatic screen printing machine can handle both cylindrical and flat products, printing up to 600 items per hour. Made in the EU – 5 year guarantee.



Screen printing is the ideal solution to print the circumference of cylindrical products, provided that the item has an even surface. This versatile machine can be changed from cylindrical / rotary printing to flat bed by simply changing a few components.

Cylindrically screen print onto items such as glass or plastic bottles, medical products, science equipment such as pipettes and more.

When converted to perform a cylindrical print, the squeegee mechanism remains in a fixed position and the screen moves from left to right whilst the product is pushed upwards against the screen.

The action of the screen moving causes the cylindrical product to rotate against the screen and ink is applied at the same time as the product is turned.


A “slider” version of this machine is also available and is ideal if you want the operator further away from the machine for added safety – please enquire.



Semi-Automatic Rotary & Flat Bed Screen Printing Machine: Specifications

Evo 550
Number of colours 1
Screen frame size 75 x 43 cm
Maximum print area 55 x 35 cm
Maximum product height 30 cm
Print speed Up to 600 per hour
Dimensions (h, w, d in cm) 200 x 140 x 100 cm
Weight 400 kg

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