GTO Evo 570 Flat Bed Screen Printing Machine


This semi-automatic screen printer is ideal for printing onto larger flat products such as large boxes, paper or textile bags, crates and more. Print up to 500 products per hour. Made in the EU – 5 year guarantee.



If you need a dedicated flat bed semi-automatic screen printing machine with an image area larger than the Evo 550, this unit is ideal, offering the ability to print images up to 70 x 50 cm in size.

Paper products can also be printed and an optional vacuum table can be fitted to the 570 to make holding thin products in place during printing very quick and easy. A handy storage cabinet is located in the lower section of the machine.

If you need to print onto both cylindrical and flat products, please review the GTO 550 Evo cylindrical screen printer.


Vacuum table



Semi-Automatic Flat Bed Screen Printing Machine: Specifications

Evo 570
Number of colours 1
Screen frame size 90 x 80 cm
Maximum print area 70 x 50 cm
Maximum product height 30 cm
Print speed Up to 500 per hour
Dimensions (h, w, d in cm) 210 x 160 x 110 cm
Weight 500 kg

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