Ink Degrader: Ecosolve GE

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Ink degrader will fully break down all kinds of ink, which is an important step during screen reclamation. Use ink degrader as the second step in screen reclamation after cleaning the screen thoroughly of all ink using on-press wash.

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Ecosolve GE is a solvent ink degrader that will fully break down all kinds of ink.

Apply the solvent to both sides of the screen and rub with a brush until the inks have been dissolved. Rinse thoroughly using high-pressure water. If any stubborn ink marks remain, Ecosolve GE can be applied again and allowed to sit for 2-3 minutes before washing.

Solvent Activator for Haze Remover:

If you use Net Gel as haze remover, the product is normally allowed to dry and left overnight. Ecosolve GE can be used to activate the haze remover before washing the screen.


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