Mesh Prep Degreaser

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Good mesh preparation and degreasing is essential for screen printers and is the first step to a good screen. Choose between our liquid mesh prep degreaser and abrader / degreaser paste.

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Pro D Prep: Mesh Prep Degreaser Liquid

Pro D Prep is a screen printing degreaser liquid that is suitable for all types of mesh offering excellent bridging. It is an excellent wetting agent that allows the emulsion to flow better to ensure a more uniform coating. Suitable for use with capillary film and will not adversely affect the frame, mesh, or mesh adhesive.

Pro D Paste NC: Abrader & Degreaser Paste

A very efficient mesh prep that acts as both as an abrader and degreaser in a paste format. It is an average wetting agent and will help emulsion to flow better to give a nice uniform coating on the screen. Acts as an anti-static treatment and works very effectively in hard water areas. It will not affect the frame, screen mesh or mesh adhesive.


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Rub both sides of the screen using your chosen mesh prep degreaser and wash thoroughly with  low pressure water on both sides of the screen. Low pressure wash is important to avoid splash back onto the cleaned screen. The use of protective goggles and gloves are recommended.


Mesh Prep Liquid: Prod D Prep MSDS
Prod D Prep TDS
Mesh Prep Paste: Pro D Paste NC MSDS
Pro D Paste NC TDS