Pallet Masking Tape: Pallet Protek

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Pallet masking tape can make a real difference in the efficiency with which you run your shop. Keep things clean and make clean-up both easy and quick. Use in conjunction with water based pallet adhesive for the ultimate solution.

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If your screen printing press looks like a casualty in a fluff and glue explosion, pallet masking tape or platen paper can rescue you and your trusty press and keep things tidy – easily!

We highly recommend that in conjunction with platen paper, you use our pallet adhesive that is water based rather than anything in an aerosol can. You may not be able to avoid the use of an aerosol web adhesive when printing products with a fleece liner such as sweat shirts and hoodies, but for anything that is not fleecy in nature, the above mentioned combination is ideal.

Sticking to the water based adhesive will ensure no over-spray of adhesive onto parts of the press where it can build up over time and become somewhat of a headache.


Pallet masking tape is available in rolls of 457mm x 91.4m


Pallet Protek pallet masking tape is a standard weight saturated smooth paper tape with heat resistant adhesive.