Plastisol Ink Mixing System: 551 ColorPro

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The Excalibur plastisol ink mixing system is an essential part of any screen printers kit. Providing a technologically superior ink, this is an easy-to-use way of simulating Pantone® colours and producing your own custom shades in any quantity. A valuable tool for any printer, these screen printing inks give high opacity and precise colour accuracy.

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The Excalibur 551 plastisol ink mixing system is Pantone® licensed to guarantee the most exact colours possible using screen printing inks. Perfect for adding to your versatility as a printer whilst also allowing you to keep costs down, this screen printing ink system makes mixing custom colours for clients, quick and easy.

The colours in this plastisol ink mixing system have been mixed and test printed on t-shirt materials to ensure accuracy. It is a high opacity system and is suitable for printing onto both light and dark fabrics. Booster colours are added in increments between 5 and 40 % to increase brightness and colour accuracy for specific colours.

The 551 ColorPro plastisol ink mixing system is used in conjunction with our FREE Colormate Pro Software that does all of the hard work for you when it comes to getting the best out of the system. Download Colormate Pro Software free after checking out.


The ColorPro plastisol ink mixing system is available in various ink series to allow maximum versatility in a variety of printing environments.

The 551 Series of high opacity plastisol is available from stock, but please enquire if one of the alternative options below is of interest to you.

Direct Printing:

3551 Triumph ColorPro – Consisting of 11 Colours, it is designed for colour matching single-step nylon heat transfer inks.

Heat Transfer Printing:

951 Hot Split and 961 Hot Peel – Consisting of 16 Colours, it is designed as a high opacity ink mixing system for producing hot-split and hot-peel transfers respectively.

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