PVC-Free Screen Printing Ink: Evolution 2NX Basic Colours

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A PVC free screen printing ink that works like plastisol, thereby offering the ease of use and many other advantages that come from plastisol, without any PVC, phthalates, or any other harmful substances.

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If you are looking for a PVC free screen printing ink that is not water based and safety compliancy is an important factor, Evolution 2 NX is ideal. Nike RSL Certified, Oeko-Tex Compliant and REACH Approved.

Evolution 2 NX offers a low cure temperature which ensure savings in overall energy usage while also being beneficial as an aid to resisting dye migration or “bleed” when printing poly-cotton blends and 100% polyester garments.

Offers a “hand-feel” similar to water based inks, but with the conveniences normally offered by plastisol ink, including opacity and colour consistency.

High-resolution designs can easily be printed, as stencils will stay open throughout the entire print run. Evolution ink does not air dry and requires a full heat cure.

Yields excellent results in the production of cold peel transfers.


NX6581 Optical White

A ready-to-use white ink that can be used as an under base, standalone white or highlight white. Optical White prints very easily and can be used with meshes ranging from 32 – 140T/cm (80 – 355/inch). Combined with its low-cure temperature, Optical White produces bleed-resistant results on many fabrics containing polyesters when curing parameters are followed.

NX6710 Defender Grey

A ready-to-use, first down grey that filters out polyester dyes that may sublimate and cause dye migration in finished prints. It works especially well on troublesome 100% polyester fabrics. Recommended mesh ranges to print Defender are 32 – 48T/cm (80 – 120/inch).

NX6500 Black

A ready-to-use black where printing with 43T-140T/ (cm 110 – 355/inch) mesh is recommended.

Other options are available, please enquire.


Please download the information sheet for Evolution inks to see further information on gel and cure temperatures and a wide variety of supplemental information applicable to different processes such as printing on polyester, creating cold peel transfers and more.


PVC Free Screen Printing Ink: Evolution 2NX – TDS
Evolution 2NX – MSDS

Safety Accreditations

Nike® RSL Certification
Oeko-Tex® Compliance
REACH Approval


Nike® RSL Certified

Nike® is one of the leading brands to demand only the highest quality in terms of product safety and have their own restricted substances list or RSL for short. The Lancer Evolution range is not only PVC free screen printing ink, but also meets all the other demands set forth to be Nike® RSL Certified. Join the big brands and offer your client base the very best with Evolution inks. See the resources tab for the full test results as carried out by an independent testing body.

Oeko-Tex® Compliant

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 offers manufacturers across the textile production chain a useful addition to quality assurance, making it easier for buyers to understand crucial information. While the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 does not deal directly with PVC free screen printing inks, manufacturers wanting to be in a position to have their products certified and labeled with the OEKO-TEX® logo, can only use fully compliant substances in the manufacture of products such as garments.

Testing for harmful substances includes: Illegal substances, legally regulated substances, known harmful (but not legally regulated) chemicals as well as parameters for health care. In their entirety the requirements exceed existing legislation and offers the end user confidence in textiles. See the resources tab above for the full test results as carried out by an independent testing body.

REACH Certified for “Next to skin” Decorations

REACH is a European Union regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals, which aims to provide a high level of protection of human health and the environment from the use of chemicals. All inks manufactured by Lancer, including the PVC Free range of screen printing inks are REACH Certified. See the resources tab above for the full test results as carried out by an independent testing body.

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