Screen Tape: Blue Blockout Tape

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A heavy duty professional tape for taping screens during long print runs or when using aggressive inks. Also great for taping squeegees. Save lots of clean-up time with this robust tape.

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Good screen tape keeps things clean and tidy and improve efficiency dramatically. Cheap brown tape leave residue behind on screens that will transfer to your exposure unit.

While Split Liner Tape is great for the majority of work in taping up screen edges, there may be times when you need a more heavy duty solution. This could be a particularly long print run or aggressive ink system where you want to ensure your production run is not interrupted by tape failing during the run.

Use Blue Block-Out Tape to tape up your squeegees. This stops ink getting into areas that are difficult to clean up later and makes cleaning your squeegees a cinch. It also keeps them looking as good as new and prevents the possibility of cross-contamination when you switch to printing a different colour job.


Rolls: 33m x 50mm


Review the short video and article on our blog on the topic of Keeping Your Squeegees Clean & Tidy using this tape.


This particular screen tape is a polyethylene film tape coated with an aggressive water based adhesive that can withstand attack by solvents and inks. You can even clean your screen leaving the tape in place if you wish to store them for future use.

Blue blockout tape will remove cleanly, leaving no residue on your frames or squeegees.