Vastex E200 Entry Level LED Screen Exposure Units


The entry level LED screen exposure units from Vastex offer ultra fast exposure times, high resolution detail and very low energy consumption with a five year warranty on the LED lights for complete peace of mind.



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The long-lasting LED light packs on Vastex exposure units can produce crisp detail on the most intricate graphics and consumes much less electricity than metal halide lamps of similar specification. LEDs can last in excess of 50,000 hours, which drastically reduces day to day running costs and maintenance requirements compared to metal halide, while exposing screens just as fast.

Expose your screens 10-15 times faster than fluorescent UV tubes. Vacuum hold down ensures optimal artwork quality and the slimline unit can fit neatly onto a screen drying cabinet to save space.


  • Stand with wheels
  • Screen drying cabinet


Entry Level LED Screen Exposure Units: Specifications

E200-2128 E200-2331 E2000-2331
Maximum screen size 53 x 71 cm (OD) 58 x 78 cm (OD) 58 x 78 cm (OD)
UV output 3 x LED bars 3 x LED bars 5 x LED bars
Image area 38 x 46 cm 40 x 83 cm 40 x 83 cm
Dimension (lid up) 83 x 88 x 84 cm 106 x 92 x 82 cm 106 x 92 x 82 cm
Compression type Vaccum Vaccum Vaccum
Weight 50 kg 82 kg 86 kg
Warranty 3 years * 3 years * 3 years *

*Excludes the rubber blanket