Water Based Pallet Adhesive

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Hydrotenax is a white, water based, liquid screen printing pallet adhesive that is intended to hold your substrate in place during printing.

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This VOC-free pallet adhesive is completely safe to use with t-shirts and is not affected by the infra red heat from a flash cure unit.

Hydrotenax water based adhesive can be used directly on your press, or for a really tidy solution, cover the pallet with pallet masking tape first and apply Hydrotenax water based adhesive to the paper instead. This makes clean-up of the press even easier as the pallet masking tape can be peeled off and discarded rather than having to use long-winded methods to remove the adhesive from the press itself.

Environmentally friendly and people friendly. Avoid inhaling the fumes of aerosol adhesives and covering every part of your press in spray tack by using this water-based pallet adhesive.


  • 1 kg


Please review our blog post and video on How to use water based pallet adhesive.

The pallet adhesive can be poured directly onto your platen and spread with a small squeegee or a bit of card to form an even layer. Allow this to dry completely. A hair dryer could be used to help the drying process along.

If the adhesive becomes covered with fluff from prolonged use, simply wipe over with a damp sponge or cloth to remove all the fluff. The surface will be tacky again and ready for use once dry.

To completely remove the adhesive when cleaning the press, use Ecosolve GE.


VOC-Free Platen Adhesive: Hydrotenax TDS
Hydrotenax MSDS